February 2020
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Making a Difference

Our Purpose: Being a P.L.A.C.E. For You!

Personal relationships with God and each other.
A personal relationship with God is established through our weekend worship services. Each service you will connect with God through heart-felt praise and hear a message from God’s Word that applies specifically to your life. We connect with each other through small group bible studies and fellowships. At Lubbock Baptist Temple, you will find a group of people you can do life with.

One of our favorite expressions at church is, “We love people … as is!” While we love you just the way you are, we also love you too much to leave you that way. Because of that, our church primarily is a hospital where people who have messed up lives are welcomed and helped. We have two tools we primarily use in the process, the Bible and authentic relationships with each other.

Active membership. No one sits on the sidelines at LBT. At our church, we want you to be a participant. We recognize the gifting of every person, and believe that every member makes a valuable contribution to our church.

Concerned service.
Everyone has a role at LBT. We have found that we were created to give ourselves to something great and meaningful. We receive our greatest fulfillment and achieve our potential when we serve others. We want to meet needs in a practical and tangible way.

Evangelism. We seek to reproduce ourselves in others by sharing with others what Jesus Christ has done for us. God desires for everyone to come to him and find life in His Son; therefore, we partner with God in having a passion for seeing other people receive eternal life.

Make our place your place!